With a weight of about 54 grams and a significantly improved elasticity, our violin bows are 10% lighter and 50% more resilient than traditional bows.
As a result, they are faster, stronger and more comfortable to play.  Their sound is nicely balanced and offers a wide range of overtones. At the same time it's full, bright and expressive. Due to their very good projection, you can rely on their sound even in difficult acoustics.

Traditional viola bows are not strong enough for modern strings and too heavy for a comfortable and fast playing. To solve this problem we have made our viola bows significantly stronger. With a weight of about 61 grams they're also much lighter. They safely catch the C-string in fast passages and provide incredible fast string crossings. Unlike many wooden bows their sound is neither nasal nor noisy, but clear, full and open. 

Over the past 100 years, the cello has developed in the most dramatic fashion. The endpin and especially the modern steel strings have transformed the cello into a formidable solo instrument, for which wooden bows are clearly too weak. We have made our cello bows significantly stronger to allow for a perfectly natural play. With a weight of about 75 grams they're are also a little lighter in order to improve their maneuverability. 

The Müsing bass bows are designed to be your best friend, never failing you, whatever the circumstances. They not only offer an exceptionally clear and open sound, but also excellent response and projection like few other bows. 

They bounce easily, but are very easy to control at the same time. Besides that, they are virtually indestructible and their unique stainless steel outfit will still shine like new in a hundred years.