Many musicians around the globe are playing a Müsing bow these days. But actually only a few of these players are known to us as the majority of the Müsing bows are sold through our dealers. 

So we would be all the more pleased if you share your experiences with us and leave a short review or comment below. 

Karl Varnai


"...playing with the C5 carbon fiber bow at the 38th annual Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival in Pennsylvania couple of days ago. Loved the quick response and subtle nuances of playing Appalachian Old Time and Minstrel Era Rags with this bow.

This has become my favorite bow."

Press Reports

An extensive report on various carbon fiber bows - including Müsing - in the June issue of the magazine "The Strad" 2019:

We would be very happy if you share your experiences, your opinion, critics and recommodations regarding sound, playability, design and handling of our bows.

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