Our Mission

Our goal is to provide musicians all around the world, on every level of performance and for every musical style with bows that enhance their experience and make playing string instruments a little  bit more easy and predictable. We wish to provide bows that are absolutely reliable and that offer ultimate durability. We strive to provide the violin world with bows that are able to replace pernambuco, delivering at least the same quality of sound and playability.

Bernd Müsing

More than 20 years ago Bernd Müsing invented the Arcus bow, the first carbon bow that would play and sound superior to traditional wooden bows. The Arcus bows have by now become the worlds leading professional bows. Still, making these bows is a very difficult and labour intense process which makes it impossible to produce them in large numbers or at lower price points. Since the listing of pernambuco as an endangered species in 2008 it became clear that the stock of good quality wood would soon be depleted. As other makers failed to come up with composite bows that match the sound of quality wooden bows, it became clear that a new solution was required. It took Bernd Müsing profound research and development to find this possible solution and it took several years to make this idea work. He was inspired by new developments in the aircraft industry, sporting good and bicycles and was able to transfer some entirely new technology into bowmaking.

Bernd Müsing is an entrepreneur, designer, family father and accomplished amateur violinist and violist. He was born in Northern Germany in 1963. He is married to Bianca, who was born in Eastern Germany. They have two kids which play piano and cello.

Our Team

Made in Germany

Germany is still a special place when it comes to combining high-technology with dedicated craftsmanship. Only this combination has allowed us to make the Müsing bow project a success.