Have you ever been dreaming of a bow that sounds like a fine old pernambuco bow, handles with great ease, bounces extremely easy, offers perfect durability and reliability, looks great but doesn't cost a fortune? 

Well, here it is  - the Müsing bow is here to change the world and improve your playing and the sound of your instrument.

A Revolutionary Innovative Process


Our bows are 100% made in Germany in a unique process from 3-D-woven carbon fiber and are the perfect replacement for endangered pernambuco and a major step up from simple carbon bows.

Carbon Fiber

The fibers of our bows are braided seamlessly, resulting in a very uniform and smooth structure. Carbon is the perfect replacement for pernambuco wood which is protected since 2008. Compared to simple carbon bows, Müsing bows offer a crucial improvement when it comes to sound and play.

The Perfect Bow

When we designed the bows for the violin family we did not only take reference from traditional bows. We want our bows to match the setup of today's instrument and 21st century strings, as the interaction between bow and string is the determining factor for the playability of the bow.



To achieve ultimate durability and reliabilty we have developed a new stainless steel outfit. The winding, underslide and ferrule are all made from stainless steel, which will look great even after decades of intense playing. The button is cut from solid aircraft grade aluminium, so are the bearings that provide the mechanism with the most durable and easy function. The frog is cut from fine ebony, the slide and eyes from beautiful mother of pearl.

Thumb Position & Frog Style

The Müsing C3 und C4 Bows are available either with a modern style frog or a classical cut frog. Choose the right one for your thumb position:

Modern Style Frog

For a thumb position on the leather and before the frog the taller frontal area of the frog delivers an especially comfortable hold.

Classic Style Frog

If your thumb sits inside the throat of the frog, we recommend the classic style frog. Its front part is lower and more rounded, which provides excellent support and comfort.

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