De nombreux musiciens du monde entier jouent maintenant avec un archet Müsing. Malheureusement, nous n'en connaissons que quelques-uns personnellement, car la plupart des musiciens achètent leurs archets par l'intermédiaire de nos partenaires dans la lutherie et le commerce.
Nous serions d'autant plus heureux si vous pouviez partager vos expériences avec nous et nous laisser un bref rapport ou un commentaire.

Karl Varnai, musician


"...[Ici sur la photo] Je joue avec l'archet en carbone C5 au 38e Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival en Pennsylvanie, il y a quelques jours.
J'aime la réponse rapide et les nuances fines quand je joue à l'archet avec les chiffons Appalachian Old Time et Minstrel Era Rags.
C'est devenu mon archet préféré."

Tom L., musician


"[...] I have no trouble with anything I play using the C2 and have never thought while playing, "Oh, if only I had my good wood bow in hand." I'm telling you this because if any fiddlers inquire about a Musing bow, you can tell them my experience and tell them that the lower grade, C2, might be all they need for Irish fiddling. [...] Since I'm retired, I live part of the year in Minnesota and part in Texas. Texas heat, and Minnesota cold, can both be hard on wooden musical instruments, but I can now go out in heat or cold with my C2 [...] with much, much less worry."

Jacob Thierfelder, violin maker


"In the last few months I have intensively studied the subject of bows for stringed instruments, and I've tested a wide variety of bows.

Until then I was convinced that carbon bows could not compete with traditional wooden bows, so I had to radically change my attitude towards them. It is true that cheap carbon bows do not even come close to cheap wooden bows. The situation is completely different with really high-quality carbon bows. The German company Arcus is the leader in this field and produces carbon bows of the highest quality. But of course this also has its price and not every musician will be able to afford a bow for several thousand Euros. Now Arcus has launched a second product line which is based on their long experience: Müsing.

These bows [...] are designed in a way that allows the player to play confidently and easily right from the beginning, and at the same time to forgive mistakes. Compared to wooden bows they have a much higher tension, resonance and break resistance. [...] With these bows my instruments have a much better response and a fuller sound. After some tests I was so convinced of these bows that I ordered a range for violin and viola.[...]"

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